Forms and Service Materials

Here are the forms you can use at our Area Meetings. These are in Microsoft Word or Excel formats as well as Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Printed copies will be available at the in person meeting,  These can be either filled out online and uploaded, or printed out and completed in advance and either brought to the face-to-face meeting or scanned and emailed or texted back to the area.

NEW!! GSR_reportForm_Apr2024email (Word)
NEW!!GSR_reportForm_Apr2024email (pdf)
Insurance (pdf)
Nomination (Word)
Nomination (pdf)
NEW!! PASC_LitOrderForm_Jan2023 (pdf)
NEW!! PASC_LitOrderForm_Jan2023 (Excel/calulating)
RCM (pdf)
Service Resume (Word)
Service Resume (pdf)
ServiceResumeForm (Word)
ServiceResumeForm (pdf)
SubCommittee (Word)
SubCommittee (pdf)
Topic (Word)
Topic (pdf)

These are provided as a convenience and in accordance with our Traditions this should not be considered to be an endorsement of any Microsoft or Adobe Acrobat products. Use of Zoom or any other service for virtual meetings should also not be considered an endorsement of Zoom or any other such service provider.

Service Materials

Our Policy Manual is available at the Policy Page. Here are links to Other Service Materials:

A Guide to Local Service in NA

Service System Options GLS Addenda

A Guide to World Services in NA

The H&I Handbook and PR Handbook are available on our H&I and PR Pages, along with other material for PR and H&I.