Hospitals and Institutions 

Our H&I Subcommittee meets  regularly at 10 AM at our regular PASC Meeting. Due to Covid 19  restrictions, most of our in person H&I meetings had been canceled. Since some restrictions have been lifted, we have started back with the following meeting(s):

  • Houston County Medical Center, Warner Robins GA
  • Other meetings will be added soon

If you are interested in joining H&I please contact our H&I chair or other members of our H&I subcommittee.

Hospitals and Institutions Service Request

Requests for NA Meetings/Presentations or Literature to Hospitals, Jails, and Addiction treatment facilities and other institutions may be made. Please send an email to [email protected]

H&I Handbook and other Resources

Here is a pdf copy of the H&I Handbook, along with copies of other resources, including the mock panel tape in mp3 format:

H&I Handbook (PDF format)

Mock Panel Tape, Side A (mp3 format)

Mock Panel Tape, Side B (mp3 format)

H&I Basics

A paper copy of the handbook may be ordered from our Literature Chair.